Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Ready to paint

The following are on the paint table ready for painting:-
25 mm
21 x Persian horses
20 Persian riders (Achaemenid and Sassanian)
1 Daylami javelinman
1 Female in Burqa
4 What look like Russian/Cossack peasants.

6 mm
1 Pack Austrian gun team
1 Pack Prussian gun team
1 Pack Prussian Hussars

Not sure where the Cossack and female came from but I'll paint them to clear the pile.
That is about 4 to 8 weeks worth of painting I think. It all depends on the time available. Unlike many I have grown to like painting horses. with Achaemenid and Sassanian armies I'm sure that is a good thing. It wasn't like that in the beginning though. I think that change to water based paints and inks, washes and the likes have made painting easier and faster. No more waiting 24 hours for the paint to dry.

I couldn't resist the arms race. But I will do it piecemeal. Likely I will build the infantry up a little more next, perhaps to at least 18 units each. But it will not be until these are painted at least.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Test battle of Blucher rules

I decided to take the plunge with the Austrian and Prussians and engage in a test of the Blucher rules.
Using all the figures on a fairly spartan board it still gave the game I expected.
One town on each side of the board, joined by a road.
Three woods and a marsh.
All units except the Currasiers and Grenadiers were average on a elan of 6.
The strategy for each army was diced for from a range of options.
The Prussians chose to attack down the centre with most of their line infantry (5 units) with light infantry (1) and cavalry wings (1). They had an infantry unit in the town with artillery support.
The Austrians chose to refuse the left flank of light infantry (2) and cavalry (1). An infantry unit held the town with artillery support and attack on the right with their infantry (4) and majority of their cavalry (3).
Crucially, the Austrian left wing was in close support of the town. This enabled the light infantry to enfilade the Prussian infantry attacking the town. Also, with the Prussians attacking it gave the artillery a good target. On the other hand, the Prussian artillery was facing the Austrian Jagers at a distance.
The Austrians routed the Prussian left wing and held up part of their central attack which allowed the artillery to concentrate on the infantry attacking the town. Along with the defending unit they saw off two battalions before the rest of the Prussians withdrew under extreme pressure.
Attacking towns can be a very expensive business in Blucher.
What I thought after the battle was I needed horse artillery for both armies, and more cavalry for the Prussians. Also, more infantry units. This then becomes an arms race! Which means more figures required. Which means more painting and a bigger lead pile!
Until next time

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Ronin update

My first post of 2018 and I'm pleased that it is Ronin.
Before another game of Ronin I wanted to make the scene a little more Japanese in flavour.
You may recall a few posts back that I saw red and other colours of bamboo and thought it might look good on the table.
Here is a picture of a red bamboo grove with pathways I have made. And I think it does look rather good IMHO. But my advice would be only undertake this task if you have plenty of patience. It isn't for the fainthearted. Perseverance will be the order of the day.
I have around 30 pieces left to base, which will be on smaller bases with the bamboo clumped in 3's or 4's. to scatter around the board as required. I will then play another game.

I have yet to base the Cherry Blossom trees that I have. I will look to see if there are any suitable bases which will ensure they don't fall over.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It's been an unusual year of wargaming for me. I have really put myself out to complete things in a way I haven't for some years. The clock is ticking down!
This year I have painted a fair amount of lead. In fact over the last 3 years there has been an awful lot of painting. It is one of those things that must be done. At least the lead pile has slightly diminished. Not that it helped buying some more figures which also needed painting. At least it has been manageable. Still, there is a long way to go.

It has also been a good year for reading blogs.

The Doom of Aethelweard has been an interesting one to follow if you like skirmish gaming set in the  Anglo Saxon/Viking era (The Doom of Aethelweard)

Another has been a Frostgrave campaign, Stonehell:-
(Tower of the Archmage)

Two painters I found I like are Michal Kucharski and Guido Aydin. There work can be found at the following:-

(Michal Kucharski)

(Guido Aydin)

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Prosperous game filled New Year!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Ronin, 6mm City walls and painting

I haven't been idle since my last post.
I finished the Village Elders House for Ronin. This was much too finicky for my liking. But I got there in the end.

Also, scratch built city walls for a 6mm ancients game.

They are only card quick builds but sufficed for the game. Pictured are the four towers, gateway, two long wall and three short wall sections. I should look for some buildings to put in it .
Pictured for scale are some Hittite chariots and foot. I think they are Rapier or Baccus but would stand corrected if anyone can identify them.
I have some Irregular Miniature light infantry that I will stick on the wall sections to be used as a garrison.
I may have a go at the Ishtar gate! But it will be a little plainer than the actual. It would take up too much room on the table I think.

Having completed the painting of the Austrian and Prussians I had, and a few I further purchased, I am turning my hand to other pieces in the lead pile.
Currently I am painting one pack of H&R Ancient British infantry I sneaked in with the order for the Austrian and Prussian Napoleonics. You may remember the four warbands from an earlier posts.

Along with, a 25mm 4 horse Persian Chariot from Naismith I bought on eBay some months, a year?, ago . At least it said it was Persian, which is true, but I think it is Seleucid and not Achaemenid which is what I wanted. I have trawled the net looking for a picture but can't find one as yet.. We shall see what it comes out like. One thing about the model is the flimsy nature of the axle. I am so afraid of breaking it. Another is the horses that go in the middle are a very tight fit and I had to bend the poles to get them in.. I want to paint them before assembling. Still time to look for a picture.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Wargaming. 25 mm Armies. 25 mm Ancients

A sad end to last week.
I put two armies on eBay. These were the first armies I bought, together from the same seller if memory serves me well. Around 1981 I bought some Greek Hoplites with cavalry and bow. I also bought some Romans with the same. I think, now, they are s range Mini-Figs. I enjoyed them for a long while before I moved onto Achaemenid Persians, Late army unfortunately! They win once a year, if lucky!
As you can see from my postings I have been moving to 6mm in a big way in the last 4 years or so.
I am not sure how many 6 mm armies I will be painting. I have some ECW to do in the lead pile. I want to have a 6 mm French Napoleonic, and I have the Mongols in 15 mm and an unspecified opponent to do. Not too much is there!
Plus! Maybe, Frostgrave. Circumstances change and I know this may not be a realistic project anymore. Perhaps I'll get my sons to buy a job lot between them. Luck would have it.

The Romans

Roman Officer

Roman Cavalry
Side view showing some bow, legionary and cavalry

Greek Hoplites

Greek Bow

Greek Cavalry/Mounted Hoplite
Greek Cavalry Officer

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Blucher/Napoleonic update

The building goes on.
Even though I have almost painted all the figures I had, and a few more I found for the Prussians, I have still ordered around 8 packs of figures! That's another 400 figures to paint. An ever morphing lead pile but one at least going down. The Prussians have mostly been painted but the Austrians have yet to arrive.
One thing I am lacking is horse artillery for both armies. I think I will have to order one of the other nations packs as neither has these in the H&R catalogue. Probably an October/November purchase depending how long it takes to complete the soon to arrive Austrians. That's another 2 packs! Luckily, I have plenty of artillery crews and guns but it wouldn't look right without the horse and limbers IMHO.

The ordered Austrian infantry will take the units over the 12 minimum for 3 corps. With the units already painted, the ordered figures; and the mixed types already painted but too few to make into units, I will have a good basic Austrian army.
True, the artillery and crews and command groups are still to be added but we are close to the first phase on this army.
In fact, I keep leaving the command figures for both armies to one side. I'm not sure why this is but will need to finish them at some stage.
2 line infantry units
1 Grenadier unit
2 Jager units (which I can use instead of Grenzers)
2 Cuirassier units
1 Hussar unit
1 Uhlan unit
1 mixed unit of Hussars and Uhlans
1 mixed, half base of Uhlans and Cuirassiers awaiting infantry to be an avant-garde unit.

The Austrian cavalry

Two units of Jagers
I read that some units retained the old uniform and thought a mixture would be a good look.

The entire Austrian army as at present.

The Prussian army is also taking shape. Four infantry units, with enough for another two, and two cavalry at the moment. I have some light infantry to base which will be 2 units.. With some more figures on the way, mainly hussars of which I have none at present, it will be at minimum requirements of 9 units, 3 corps of 3 units.
4 infantry units
1 Cuirassier unit
1 Towarczys lancer unit

The Prussian units

The Prussian cavalry
The Towarczys are above strength as I think they should have a maximum of 10 figures
but they are based separately and have no bonuses in Blucher. The Cuirassiers are next to them 

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