Wednesday, 21 September 2022

The Silver Bayonet


Two new figures to add to my F&IW Silver Bayonet monster range.

These two are from First Nations mythology so should fit right in.

Flying Head 

and the Wendigo

As gruesome a pair as you are likely to find in your nightmares!

I was really pleased to find some pre-European folklore figures though I wish there were a couple more. I am undecided about Skin-Walkers or the Deer Lady both of which could be portrayed as animal figures.

I'll keep searching I think.

Thanks' for dropping by.

Sunday, 11 September 2022

Don't Look Back!


I'm blessed. I saw this game on Guerrilla Miniature Games on YT (Don't Look Back) or Black Site Studios ( and liked the look of it. It is similar in some ways to 7TV in that is played like a film. With plots and markers to investigate.

The game comes boxed with figures, rules and accessories. Any scenics/terrain will need to be purchased though many may have the basics of trees, rocks even buildings they can use rather than buying the proffered offerings on the website.

It is in the horror genre so not for the young IMHO.

Here are a few pictures of the cast:-

The cast of innocent teenagers

The deranged, evil killer

There is a choice of heads and weapons for the killer. Not so for the characters

From the expansion Blackhearts. Why not call it a sequel? There are figures only in the expansion. There are further scenarios you can purchase from the website. 

The twins, allegedly on the side of good

Three more allegedly on the side of good

Yet to play a game. I have more The Silver Bayonet and Sell Swords and Spell Slingers to game yet but time spent painting is never wasted. And I rather enjoy painting these days.

And there are some Napoleonic French cavalry from Heroics and Ros to finish also.

Happy days!

Wednesday, 24 August 2022

The Silver Bayonet-The Investigation, F&IW style


This is my first game of The Silver Bayonet using my French and Indian Wars figures.

The unfortunate consequences of people invading your lands is they, unwittingly, bring spirits and folklore creatures from their own lands. There are people who try to contain the mischief and evil of these spirits and creatures.

SP=speed; MEL=melee, ACC=accuracy with weapon, DEF=defence, COUR=courage, H=health

The parties:-

The Spirit Watch (All have native scout ability)

Sachem, Walks with wind - SP6, MEL2, ACC+1, DEF14, COUR3, H3

Abilities-supernatural veteran, unflappable,

Equipment:- Special-cold shot, silver shot, silver weapon (tomahawk)

General - Musket & cartridge box.

Champion of Faith x 1 = 20  Spirit Talker - SP6,MEL+0, ACC+0, DEF13,  COUR+2, H12

Abilities-miracles, supernatural veteran, 

Equipment - General-hand weapon

Veteran Hunter x 1 - 30 Black Hawk - SP6, MEL+2, ACC+2, DEF14, COUR+0, H12


Equipment - Special-cold iron weapon (spear), silver weapon (tomahawk)

General-hand weapon

Walks with Wind, Spirit Talker and Black Hawk

Native Scout x 5 =50pts Great Elk, Running Water, Leaps like Fish, Grey Cloud, White Wolf

SP6,MEL+1, ACC+1, DEF13,  COUR+2, H12

Great Elk, Running Water, Leaps like Fish, Grey Cloud and White Wolf

The Colonial Commission

The Special Commissioner - Major Walkden (rtd) - SP6,MEL+1, ACC+2, DEF14, CPOR3 H13

Abilities - Hard to put down, Inspiring

 Equipment -Special-Cold iron shot, silver shot.

General - Two pistols

Supernatural Investigator 1 x 22 - Thomas Holland - SP6, MEL+2, ACC+1, DEF14, COUR+0, H12

Abilities - Supernatural veteran, monster expert

Equipment - Heavy weapon, pistol

Irregular 1 x 15 Gordon Isherwood - SP6, MEL+1, ACC+1, DEF12, COUR+0, H10

Maj. Walkden, Thomas Holland and Gordon Isherwood

Junior officer 1 x 22 Lt Oliver Cromwell - SP6, MEL+2, ACC+1, DEF13, COUR+2, H12

Abilities - Unflappable

Equipment- Sword, 2 pistols

Infantrymen 3 x 10 = 30  Jubal  Houghton, Michael Sutcliffe, Jeremiah Jones

SP6, MEL+1, ACC+1, DEF13, COUR+0 H10

Equipment - musket and cartridge box

Lt. O. Cromwell, Jubal Houghton, Michael Sutcliffe and Jeremiah Jones

And after the game when writing this is when I realised The Commission were one man short. I had it down as 4 infantrymen but only played 3. Ah! well, perhaps he was sick that day. It may have changed the game but it's too late now. This is how it went:-

The Colonial Commission start point

The Spirit Watch start point

The Spirit Watch move first

End of turn one

The Special Commissioner, Thomas Holland and Jeremiah Jones move towards the cover of the cabin. Jeremiah Jones takes the first shot and misses Grey Cloud. He shoots back and misses. When his turn came White Wolf shot at The Special Commissioner, and missed.

Spirit Talker finds the first clue

Jubal Houghton finds the second

Gordon Isherwood using his woodcraft abilities to move up on the left flank. Oliver Cromwell, Jubal Houghton and Michael Sutcliffe in the corral.
Grey Cloud and White Wolf at the bottom in the rough area,

The main group of the Spirit Watch around the second corral.

Jeremiah Jones heading off to the cornfield in the distance

Grey Cloud finds the third, horrifying, clue. He takes a courage test and passes.
Gordon Isherwood shoots at him and misses.

Out behind the cabin Jeremiah Jones finds a gruesome scene, takes a courage test and passes. Later, he moves round the back of the cabin and hits Spirit Talker who retreats behind the corral fence.

The shooting hasn't been effective so far apart from Spirit Walker's injury.
The Spirit Watch have moved through or around the corral. The Colonial Commission was pretty static preferring to shoot where possible, not hitting anything due mainly to cover.
Oliver Cromwell makes a dash for the final clue but Leaps like Fish is faster and reaches it first. He finds the reason for the investigation and passes his courage test.

The goblin

Sachem takes a shot

Walks with Wind shoots and hits (8 damage!)
The Goblin charges Leaps Like Fish but swerves towards Oliver Cromwell (used monster die). He defends well with his sword, but suffers a wound. But rescue comes from an unlikely source.

White Wolf shoots and hits

Meanwhile, White wolf shoots and hits Gordon Isherwood, who is badly injured. 

He returns fire

Gordon Isherwood returns fire and hits White Wolf.

Next turn Grey Cloud makes the fatal shot and Isherwood falls.

Jubal Houghton scores a hit on White Wolf.

And he takes a hit from White Wolf and ducks behind the cabin

The Special Commissioner and Thomas Holland had shot at Leaps Like Fish with their pistols so he retreated to the cover of the cabin uninjured. He takes a shot at the Goblin and kills it. It saves Oliver Cromwell, for a moment

After retreating from the rough ground White Wolf and Grey Cloud join Walks with Wind. The injured Oliver Cromwell is shot down.

Grey Cloud and White wolf shoot at Thomas Holland

and he goes down.

Three men down the Colonial Commission retreats to lick their wounds.

It was a good game. I had tried a solo scenario with one unit but found that unsatisfactory. The Watch just stood off and shot the zombies. This was a much better game even though I was gaming solo.
The funny thing was Spirit Talker and Black Hawk had no black powder weapons so would have needed to be very close to throw them or use them in melee. I put the range at 6 inches, 3/4 of pistol range. Neither chanced it!

I had to check on the Lead Adventure Forum regarding the rule for making a monster move or attack something other than the nearest model. The wording didn't make it clear to me at first. I had an answer which fitted my, eventual, guess at what it meant. Where in some instances it means throw a die again to get a better result, in this it means relinquish one die and move the monster as required.

The Spirit Watch gained 7 XP. Walks with Wind gave 1XP to each member.

Oliver Cromwell and Gordon Isherwood's wounds were more superficial then serious and both recovered. Thomas Holland was interred in the Special Commission's graveyard in Salem,  Commonwealth of Massachusetts. God save the King!

Hope you enjoyed that little trip to the northern backwoods of the colonies.

Wednesday, 13 July 2022

Sell Swords and Spell Slingers/Forbidden Lands


Continuation of my SS&SS/FL campaign.

The party stayed a while in Lorimer. (Abbreviated story)

Halfdan learning the Merchants Trade,

Old Tom bought a Shield and Sword

Batilde learned Horde Fighting

Sigilla Bought a scroll to Protect Others and a Sword. She also learned the spell.

The party had heard the tale of an Elven Ruby said to be in a ruined monastery north east of Lorimer, beyond the The Shroud. No one actually knew what an Elven Ruby was like, or how much it would be worth. The tale was a little short on how it had been acquired. 

They thought it worth their while to venture and see what else might be valuable there. The bit about Ogres was a bit vague. Weren't they solitary creatures? Not very nimble?

Equipped for a long trip they set out. 

The route avoided the The Shroud, a dense wood rumoured to contain a dungeon and many evil beasts. Best not to take too many chances.

They espied the wood 14 days later after a largely uneventful journey. Camping outside without a fire lest it attract unwelcome attention, they spent a cool night resting. Sleeping in turns.

For this game the ruin is an old monastery.

The wandering monsters are Ogres using the Green Goblin statistics, or single Wolfkin (as detailed below), with alteration for damage and treasure.

DL12; HP 6, Dam 1, 

Ogre treasure:-

Roll 1 D6

1= Artefact,  2-5= 2xD6 SP, 6=Potion then roll 1D6 for SP

Wandering Monsters  (Ogres, only 2 on the table at any one time. When two on a single Wolfkin is a wandering monster)

Ambush (Wolfkin, in this case Knolls, using Orc statistics)

DL8; HP1, DAM1, SP1D6+1

Let us continue:-

The interior of the monastery

The party looking from the treeline at their target

Two further views of the monastery

Sigilla races ahead before any Ogres show up

Old Tom Ambushed! Halfdan sees something in the bushes and finds a bag of coins worth 12SP

Sigilla in the monastery, searching. The Ogre appears

Old Tom and Halfdan try to outfox the ogre by going round the well. He is smarter than the average Ogre and cuts across

Batilde takes on the Ogre as another enters the field.

Sigilla is attacked by a Wolfkin and kills it. She finds a potion of Spell Enhancement. One gulp of potion later and she's up for anything! She spies the ruby on the statue and goes to retrieve it. Old Tom joins her in the monastery. She is attacked by another Wolfkin and Old Tom kills it, finding 2 SP in its jerkin. 

Meanwhile, Batilde and Halfdan cut the Ogre down. Halfdan searches the body and finds an artefact. Queen Agatha's Twin Tablets. Then another Ogre shows up, but too far away to intervene.

The party exits the wood slipping away as fast and silently as possible.

This was a somewhat quieter affair than the last two outings. Three Ogres and three Wolfkin. Luckily only one Ogre and three Wolfkin to fight. The statistics for an Ogres is quite intimidating. Having too many on the table would have been overwhelming I think. 
The party were lucky in the first couple of turns having no adversaries and were able to move into the middle and past the half way line without major obstacles.
They were also lucky in the fact no hordes appeared. The cards being kind to them this time.

Not only that but Sigilla's luck in finding a useful potion for herself will help enormously. I drew a card from the deck at random. Spells work!

You may notice the green counters with skulls on them. I punched these out of some old White Dwarfs I flicked through before throwing them out. I used them to denote both a killing and unsearched bodies. Useful objects to have.
The Ogres were form the The Ogre Horde, part of the old Heroquest board game. There are 7 of them in the box!

Now all the party have to do is go back to Lorimer, or travel on to who knows where and find out what an Elven Ruby does or is worth. Also find out what Queen Agatha's Tablets are for. Two tablets with the same exact wording. Starnge.

Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Poems for wargamers 11 Ragnar Lodbrok


The Lay of Kraka is a skaldic poem consisting of a monologue in which Ragnar Lodbrok is dying in Aellas snake pit and looks back at a life full of heroic deeds

Lay of Kraka (Krákumál)

We hewed with the brand!
Long since we went to Gotaland for the slaying of the Worm,
There I won Thora and my name of Leathern-Breeches,
Since I pierced that serpent through, with my blade of inlaid steel.

We hewed with the brand!
Young was I when east of Oere-sound we made good breakfast for the wolves,
While our steels sang on the high-crested helms much food did they find,
Blood-stained the sea, the ravens waded through.

We hewed with the brand!
Ere twenty years passed o’er us, high-borne were our spears,
At Dvina’s mouth in the far east eight jarls did we lay low,
Warriors died; the crimson death coloured the sea and ravens feasted.

We hewed with the brand!
The war-queen loved us when we sent the Helsinga to Odin’s halls,
Keen bit the feathered arrow when our ships reached Iva’s flood East Baltic ,
Gay was the music of sword on breast-plate and cleft shield.

We hewed with the brand!
Great was our courage when fierce Herraudr, ‘mid his winged steeds, died.
No jarl more fearless sent his framing coursers o’er the main;
His stout heart drove him, fearless, by the sea-fowls’ haunt.

We hewed with the brand!
The brand bit sore at Scarpa-reef (Scarborough) , the sword flew from its sheath,
Crimson the borders of our moon-shields when King Raven died;
Loud roared the spear on Ulla’s field, as low lay Eystan the King.

We hewed with the brand!
O’er us was fated Herthiof to win a mighty victory,
There fell my son, bold Rognvald, before the host of spears.
His bow, unerring, shot in Sudorey Hebrides its last fatal bolt.

We hewed with the brand!
In Ireland King Marstan let not the she-wolf nor the eagle starve.
A sacrifice he made at Wetherford (Waterford) , for the steel-thorn issuing from its sheath,
Pierced to the heart of Ragnar, fearless son of mine.

We hewed with the brand!
South we played at war with three kings, the blood of the Irish dyed the sea,
Then stormed we to the sword-play at the river-mouth of Anglesey,
No kissing of a girl was it to fight as we fought there.

We hewed with the brand!
Little did I wot that at the hands of Ella my death should come!
Yet what boots it? None can withstand his fate and well is it
To quaff the mead in skull-boughs drinking horns in the great hall of Odin.

We hewed with the brand!
Before cold death does no brave man quail; no thought of fear have I.
Soon with the battle wake when Aslaug’s sons their bitter blades unsheath,
Soon will they learn the manner of my death, stout hearts of their brave mother!

We hewed with the brand!
My life is well-nigh o’er; sharp is the pang that the serpent gives.
Goinn the Snake, nests deep in my heart. No more will my children rest;
Great wrath will be theirs at the undoing of their sire.

We hewed with the brand!
Full gladly do I go! See the Valkyrjar fresh from Odin’s halls!
High-seated among heroes shall I quaff the yellow-mead.
The Aesir welcome me. Laughing gladly do I die!

Friday, 1 July 2022

Sell Swords and Spell Slingers. Armour fit for a King


A continuation of my campaign using Forbidden Lands (FL) and Sell Swords and Spell Slingers (SS&SS). With a little help from The Game Master's book of Random Encounters (TGMRA).

After the attack, the caravan made all haste and reached their destination half a day earlier than planned. The Gnome, Nimbic Baublemaker, paid each member 70 silver pieces each and a bonus of 5 silver pieces (SP). He hoped they would be available when he next moved on. But that would be some time as he had jewellery to make that would take some weeks.

He bade them well and asked them to check in once in a while if they were able.

The party sought out an inn in which to stay. They found a likely place, The Wide-eyed Willow. As they entered a group of hip youngsters were overheard making fun of their attire. Batilde thumped the handle of her axe on the foot of the nearest as they made their way to a table. The fun making stopped.

Rooms booked and a hearty meal later and the party bed down for the night 

A good sleep, breakfast and the party went their separate ways. Places to go, people to see. 

Batilde went round contractors enquiring of her brother.

Sigilla went who knows where.

Halfdan and Old Tom went around taverns, market places and listened in to private conversations where they could..

All met up each night and discussed the talk overheard.

After a few days they decided that two likely tales had possibilities. 

They chose this one to check out:-

In the age of the Blood Mist there was a Rust Brother who sought an artefact due to an ill advised bet. He travelled to a grave in some plains north east of the town near the chapel of the Bloody Handed God.

It is said he was possessed by a demon and was never heard from again. At that location is a suit of armour fit for a king. There Ratkin infest the area causing sickness and death.

The other tale was a place a long way south east with an indistinct location. They would write it down and follow up on it if they were ever down that way.

The scenario is based on the legends section of FL.

The monster cards used were:-

Ratkin; Skeleton (grave yard), Minor Demon (legend of being possessed), wraith (graves again) Lizardman (body of water close by, and I wanted to use the model!)

It took a few days and on the 10th day of their stay they were ready. Supplies bought, Old Tom a spare bow string, Sigilla a shield. Food and drink cost 5sp each. After their lodgings of 20sp each they had little left. Weapons sharpened. They made their way northeast along a lightly trodden road until they came to a fork in the road. This road looked rarely travelled and led to where the chapel was said to be. As they neared the fork and glimpsed the top of the chapel, they saw a sign by the road. 'Beware of EVERYTHING'!

They moved purposefully along the road. Halfdan took the lead with Old Tom by his side, Sigilla and Batilde following behind. Sigilla felt a change in the mana for magic ebb (-2 to magic).

A horde of Ratkin appear in the distance ahead of them (Halfdan failed an act.). Old Tom takes one down with a long shot. Sigilla stepped on a scorpion killing it, all the while moving forward.

Batilde, who was falling behind, picked up the pace and caught up. 

The horde are coming at speed towards the party and a wraith appeared at the chapel  (Halfdan failed 2 activations), brought, no doubt, by the death and psychic disturbances 

Old Tom kills another Ratkin and 3 more are drawn by the clamour.

Old Tom proves his worth and kills another Ratkin. Their spoils await recovery!

The spoils of war lay unclaimed

A lizardman comes out of the water and Sigilla takes a wound from the unexpected attack. The Wraith moves towards Batilde who engages it and deals damage (1 damage, wraith attack) Halfdan joined the fray to aid Batilde causing one damage and is then ambushed by a Ratkin, Old Tom kills the last of the Ratkin and moves to aid Sigilla, and a minor demon is drawn to the chaos.

Halfdan was thwarted in his attack on the wraith but Batilde finishes it off. Sigilla cuts down the Lizardman, after suffering a further wound (she is down to 1 health). The Demon advances but Batilde moves to intercept, and suffers a wound falling into a hole. 
Halfdan cuts down the Ratkin then makes his way to a likely grave, the most extravagant as it is the most likely place to find a treasure fit for a king, the other being the chapel. But the tale said a grave so it's his best guess.
A skeleton appears at the side of the chapel. 
Old Tom shoots the demon causing one wound with a well placed arrow. Batilde attacks the demon and suffers a second wound (low roll and failed armour save)., 
Halfdan opens the grave and armour. But he does find a gold crown. Definitely fit for a king!

These two pieces only painted this week. I've had them about 40 years!

Batilde is lain low by the demon but Old Tom finishes it off. Halfdan makes his way to Batilde, it's time to go! Old Tom picks up Sigilla and Halfdan, Batilde. They make their way as fast as they could out of the area, all the while being chased by the Ratkin.

Close up of the chasing rat pack.

This was a bit of a struggle for the party as can be seen with two incapacitated having to be carried off. Luckily the out of action rolls for them came up positive.

The monster activation worked quite well. I wanted the monsters primary start point to be at the table end with the chapel. The exceptions were 'they are behind us' and the lizardman who I wanted to come from the lake. He came if any PC was within 4'' of it and a wandering monster card was drawn.

All the minion activations were Ratkin. I didn't want to call them Skaven, too GW. And some types of creature have kin after their name in FL, Wolfkin being one. The only one I think!

One point I must remember is saving rolls. Sigilla having bought a shield never used it when being attacked or failing in attacking (I forgot) which led to her suffering injury. Or, at least, not having a chance to avoid injury. Whereas with Halfdan and Batilde I know they have these saving rolls.

As can be seen, a lot of 'goods' were left behind due to the need to kill things and move on to the next kill. The 'that might come in useful' items were also left due to the urgency of the situation. Only Old Tom had the inclination to search in dangerous situations. And he did. Very lucky man! Some bodies were searched but not many.

I used the FL GM guide search list for carried precious finds when searching the grave. This gave the best option for finding something valuable, golden armour being one of the listed items.

Now, who do we know who might find a golden crown inset with jewels useful?

That's how the luck of dicing can come into things and enhance the story. 

Thanks for stopping by.