Wednesday 29 November 2023

Buildings for Zona Alfa


I've been busy making terrain pieces. Mostly MDF buildings and accessories for Zona Alfa. Now, if I hadn't been so fast with the 6mm Bolt Action I could use these for that. Having said that, I have a sprue of Germans and the remainder of the 8th army sprue, though they would be a bit out of their way in a countryside setting. 

Let us take a look. A little picture heavy so I'll split it into 2 or 3 posts.

First some buildings.

The Farm house

A great find on eBay. They cost much less than similar pieces from the more regular wargames suppliers. Perhaps being 2mm instead of 3 is the reason. I'm not complaining!

You will see these buildings on blogs or aar's and the buildings will be as supplied. I decided to add some colour. I coloured what should be the inside of the building which is why the configuration will look slightly different from the others.The inside of the buildings are white which looks nicer than plain mdf brown.

The doors are not  fixed. I left them loose so I can have them closed, open are not on at all.

You might notice that the farm buildings are done in Zandri dust. I'm keeping to basic sandstone colour so there is a local connection to the buildings.

I still have what is called 3 stables or sheds to assemble. It is a single building which looks like a row 3 connected cottages, which is what I will use them as. Having lived in a cottage of similar size at one time I know it will look fine.

The farm buildings

The farm house

The inside has a nice platform for the upstairs

Long farm building


Small farm building. Can be used aa a garage

The farm buildings are by Kristoff-Designs

Wednesday 8 November 2023

DIY Scenics:Hedges

 A couple of pictures of the DIY hedges I've been working on. These will be useful for some of the games but, principally, for Zona Alfa.

Carpark with hedge

I still need to flock the hedge. I think it will look good. I have more craft sticks (popsicle type) to make more because, like trees, you can never have enough!

I have been working on some buildings which will be in the next post.

Thank you for dropping by.

Tuesday 17 October 2023

Bolt Action in 6mm

I have been busy with, mainly, Zona Alfa, painting and getting some things together for that. 

But it hasn't stopped me gathering a few things for some future Bolt Action games in 6mm. I got the following books which are vital for statistics on playing vehicles. And it was odd, that I could buy the German Army book from the UK for less than I could buy it in the US, including shipping! And the British Army book, which I bought from Canada, also cost less than I could buy it in the US. 

I am also trying my hand at a few battle boards. Nothing elaborate as yet. I'm just learning the ropes.

I will have to look at some things. The fields I was thinking to do need to be larger. I was hoping to use pipe cleaners for the hedge rows. And I need some low hills on the board, otherwise it's a shooting gallery for the defenders.

Thanks' for dropping by.

Wednesday 20 September 2023

on the painting table

Some figures currently a work in process for Five Parsecs and Zona Alfa. 
These are all Crooked Dice figures. They go well with the Stargrave figures.
The four figures for Five Parsecs. I wanted some civilian figures and, no doubt, I will buy more from this range.

The survivor bunch for Zona Alfa. Some will form the opposition for the Lake Dale Irregulars.

Much more to be done.
Happy to be bumbling along.

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Zona Alfa mobile

I am calling the team The Lake Dale Irregulars. The area of Lake Dale is an obvious amalgamation of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.
In my last post I intimated at their mode of transport. I'm really pleased how it came out.
The figures have had head swaps as was necessary to match the LDI foot sloggers. The one figure standing, has a Stargrave crew body and legs from the 8th army sprue, as well as arms from that sprue.
I've taken a few pictures so you can see how matched the crew and foot are.

What do you think?
I put Ranjit Singh in the back where he can direct the LDI, as opposed to the front where an army commander might be stationed.
I've been looking at some great buildings which I am going to purchase instead of just the ruins I intended to use.
Yes. I'm a runaway train!

Friday 11 August 2023

Zona Alfa

My madness grows with my aging. 
Having spare bodies from the Stargrave crew box and a couple of free sprues (WW2 German,  & British 8th army) from the magazines, I thought I'd try a little Zona Alfa. Well, I do have alsorts of monsters and anomalies with the Frostgrave, Sell Swords & Spell Slingers and Five Leagues from the Borderlands figures.
The setting will be a Yorkshire Dale's, Lake District type. Towns or villages may be added or subtracted. Place names may change.
The team have 'borrowed' some weapons and equipment from a collector of WW2 memorabilia. He even had a rifle range where he could live fire his weapons. Luckily, he moved to a safer place until he could return.
Meet the team the leader is putting together to protect their families and earn some readies in case things get worse.
The Leader
Ranjit Singh
Baby faced Mike (Hardened)
Duncan (Rookie)
Gordon (Rookie)
Custer (Rookie)
This will be the starting crew. I had thought to add one more but that may come in time.
The buildings I will use will be the fantasy village or village ruins from Battle Systems. I have no doubt other types of terrain will make it's way into an ever-growing pile.
I have a couple of vehicles for them to get around in. But, I've ordered something much more suitable than the pickup truck and Rubicon Jeep that I have.

Friday 30 June 2023

WW2 German reserve for Bolt Action.

This is the bargain buy from eBay.
Tanks, armoured car, transports, anti-aircraft and a nebelwerfer. All for £3 (under $4) including postage.
Perhaps I'll rethink my flocking!

Thursday 29 June 2023

The Bolt Action WW2 British & Germans

I've been slowly painting the Heroic & Ros WW2 British and Germans and have based all except the German platoon HQ's and a walking panzerschreck team. Solely because I ran out of 20mm bases.
The painting is fairly basic and the flocking may hide them too well. But I will know what's what (I will write it under the base, just in case).
The British
5 Infantry sections
1 platoon HQ
1 Lieutenant
1 Sergeant
1 Orderly
3 PIAT teams, 2 prone, 1 advancing
3 2" mortar teams, prone
3 Grant tanks
1 Sherman Firefly
The Germans
5 Panzer IVF1'S
5 Rifle squads
1 120mm mortar team
2 Panzerschreck teams
3 MG teams, prone
I decided to go with the tank formations I found online despite the advantage it may give the Germans at some point.
But, already I am thinking of adding 4 Infantry sections/squads to each army to bring them to company level. That is partly because the supports, piats, mortars etc. are company level in quantity.
I might add some transport also.
In reserve, are the Germans I bought on eBay. Quite a considerable force which I will show on my next posting. The were already paintedwhen I bought them . I may use these as is, but I'm more likely to repaint and base them.
Thanks for dropping by.

Friday 2 June 2023

Another 'Last' project!

I'm afraid life got in tha way a little.
I've packed away all my ancient figures for while I'm in the States. It then took a while to sort out the things I'd brought. Now that is done, I'm ready to pick up where I left off.
BUT! I've also started a small project, no pun intended, of 6mm Bolt action.
Two small forces of British & Germans.
I intend to base the infantry by section, so no casualty removal. I may use tokens or keep a written record instead.
Pictures:- top & below