Saturday, 24 April 2021

6mm ancients. Sassanian vs Rome

Another 'In Death Ground' game.
The XVI Flamia Firma have been despatched south as Persian forces ravage unchecked. They arrive at a town as Persian cavalry approach. 
The XVIth deploy with a river on the left flank and an open right flank. 

The Persians have 6 units:- 
3 x Light cavalry (4 bases each) 
3 x Clibanarii (7 bases each) 
25 bases in total 

The Romans have 11 units:- 
1 x Infantry (warriors 3 bases)
2 x Infantry (warriors 6 bases each) 
1 X Infantry (warriors 8 bases) 
2 x Infantry (warriors 2 bases) 
2 x Light Infantry (2 bases each) 
1 x Cavalry (8 bases) 1 x Artillery (1 base) 
1 x Cavalry ( General 1 base) 
40 bases in total

Seeing the Romans arrayed, the Sassanians deployed in three battles. Each with a unit of light cavalry ahead of a unit of Clibanarii
The Romans had deployed with Infantry across the frontage with the right-wing consisting of the cavalry unit. They held a units of infantry in reserve with the general.
The battle field as a whole
In this battle I did not dice for rallying off damage to units. As I mentioned previously, it is difficult as it is to inflict damage in the first place. It helped to shorten the game though not the outcome I think. The Persian light cavalry advance to soften up the infantry
The Roman cavalry and Persian Clibanarii cavalry advance, and the light cavalry evade before being caught between the heavy cavalry. The Roman centre unit also advanced, both to protect the cavalry wing and see off the light cavalry. Successful in one, not the other.
The first casualties inflicted but only on the Romans.   
More Roman casualties and the Roman infantry reinforce the centre and the Persian cavalry which evaded joined the centre light cavalry unit against the Roman infantry. 
More Roman casualties and more reinforcements for the centre. But they did inflict some casualties on the Sassanians.
The Persian right-wing was still skirmishing . Having destroyed the light infantry they were not having mush effect on the heavier infantry. 
The left-wing was in a tussle with the Romans but, again, not too much in the way of casualties. They would eventually push them back. 
The  Roman centre has lost 1 unit and another retreats after casualties.
The Roman leftwing stirs into action. The centre holds and the right holds it's own.
The Roman leftwing has success in destroying the light cavalry and pushing back the Clibanarii. The centre suffers more and the right-wing falls back
The Sasanians had several attacks on the right-wing repulsed. 
Breaking through with the light cavalry in the centre they destroyed the artillery, which was abysmal in the extreme! Oddly, I couldn't find any rule for combat against artillery, I treated them as light infantry and they were destroyed very quickly. 
The Roman centre is gone. but time is called due to approaching night. 
The Roman leftwing was mainly intact with the reserve defensively deployed to prevent being flanked. The Roman right was pushed further back and almost at breaking point.
More casualties received, but a Roman win as a viable force was still in the field. 

Besides the rallying change I also diced for priority as opposed to the Romans, being disciplined, having priority every turn. Subsequently, the Sassanians had more priority turns than the Romans.
It was interesting in that the Roman  infantry, warriors, in the centre were destroyed by the light cavalry but those on the leftwing destroyed the light cavalry and repulsed the Clibanarii several times.
The Roman morale held despite losing the centre units, a testament to their good discipline.

Sunday, 21 March 2021

Ishtar Gate


In my last post I mentioned that Umbum had an Ishtar Gate which was no longer in production. I started searching for one and, instead, came across this model from Paperlandmarks ( paperlandmarks). It looks a great model. But beware! You have to glue the parts together and the tabs are rather narrow in places. The crenels are VERY difficult to do if following the sparse instructions. After the first section I just folded the parts and cut out the crenels. Another alteration was lowering the roof so figures can be placed  in a good defensive position rather than towering over the structure which wouldn't look right. You can see where the white card starts, that is the height where the roof should be. I did the same for the towers.

The card is rather thin, unlike the Umbum model which is much thicker.

But don't try to build it if you haven't got the patience of a saint!

The figures are minifigs 25mm Persians, 

Surprise your opponents when you need a city model by putting this down!

Saturday, 13 March 2021

The Old Gatehouse

Welcome, belatedly, to a New Year.
This was intended as my third post of the year. The first being intended as the second!
Ah! well. I'll catch up with the Frostgrave figures post after this one.

This post is all about a cardboard gatehouse I saw on eBay. It is part of a set of The Medieval Town by a company called UMBUM (no joke!). It includes towers, bridges, stables various dwellings, town walls section and a forge amongst other things medieval. There are also WW2 tanks, winter camouflage or not. Planes, helicopters, galleons, ships of various descriptions to name but other great items. The items snap together with tabs through slots. Not difficult and the instructions, in pictures, are easy to follow. Not only that, they are in full colour and, to my eye, look pretty good for the price and a cheap way to enter a period if the models and buildings fit
They are intended as a child's playset but at various prices from around £8 (the gate cost £6.47 plus postage from the Russian Federation) they are ideal for a cheap, colourful medieval town.
Looking through the companies history I saw an Ishtar Gate! Unfortunately not currently available. I saw this gate and decided to try it out.

The pack

The components

The cardboard figures and bases included, but I will not be using them

The finished article

The figures are Frostgrave Soldiers from Northstar. Just the right size really.

Umbum is available from various sources eBay, Amazon (a bit pricier than other sources) 1001 hobbies including the U.S.

Happy hunting!

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Poems for Wargamers 10

Facing Snow.

After the battle, many new ghosts cry,
The solitary old man worries and grieves.
Ragged clouds are low amid the dusk,
Snow dances quickly in the whirling wind.
The ladle's cast aside, the cup not green,
The stove still looks as if a fiery red.
To many places, communications are broken,
I sit, but cannot read my books for grief.

Du Fu

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Seasons Greetings!


Like for many other wargamers, it has been an excellent year for painting figures. Some, more lucky than others, have completed figures held for years. Who knew at the start of the year old, long held in the lead pile, figures would be brought out and painted due to unexpected down time from work? Or time spent at home for other reasons?

My own time at home saw a completion of outstanding figures, though I bought some new ones! A few of the  Frostgrave bestiary figures.  Now they are almost completed. Hopefully, the Christmas list will provide a few more. I have not asked for many as I want to limit the painting to enable completion before ordering more. That said, I am awaiting a sprue of the new Frostgrave demons. In the new year I will be looking to the Galloping Major for some French and Indian Wars figures and Heroics and Ros for Napoleonic French. The H&R purchase will be several hundred figures so I will need to finish everything before ordering those.

So, have a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year!

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Frostgrave beastiary update


Just an update on the Frostgrave figures I've been painting.

4 wild dogs

As with the Gnolls I've tried to make these look similar, as a pack rather than 4 individuals

Small and medium constructs


Enjoyed painting this figure. The browns and Retributor armour look nice to my eye. Currently looks the best out of the crowd.


Only just started the banshee and is incomplete. Waiting for paint to be delivered. After Christmas now for sure.

Starfire Elementals

Likewise with the Starfire Elementals. Again, the Retributor armour paint and the purple wash make a good strong look. The orange Elemental isn't as good as I'd like.

Only just undercoated the Ice Toad, Glass Spiders and Snow Leopard so I'll finish these and get them done A.S.A.P.

Doesn't it take a lot of figures for Frostgrave!
2 Wizards and apprentices x 4
1 box of soldiers x 20
1 box of skeletons x 10
1 box of Gnolls x 20
8 packs of the bestiary x 24
7 treasure tokens

and loads more to go!

Thanks' for dropping by

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Khusru knows the game!

 A fun, no wargaming, quiz

Can you name every English top-flight champion?

Score: 19 / 24

You scored 19 - A serial winner. Get down to the Etihad

You scored 19/24

Monday, 16 November 2020

Frostgrave and French and Indian Wars painting

 It's been a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I have concentrated, when able, on painting and keeping the lead/plastic pile down. Choices, choices.

First up is a couple of log cabins for the French and Indian Wars. A present of Hovels log cabins.

Then there is this is a 3D printed mausoleum from eBay. I'm not sure of the quality but it looks rather fine.
I will use it both as a mausoleum and as a chapel for Frostgrave, Unlike many, I think Frostgrave needs a bit of colour! What is with all the Gothic architecture and grey? Wizards are rather refined people and doubtless appreciated the finer things in life. And in death, like the Egyptians.
Also, I'm not going big on the ruins. There will be some, no doubt about it. But there will be 'magically intact' residences and temples. Magically built, magically resistant to damage.

Last, but not least, some Gnolls from Northstar, (northstarfigures.Gnolls). 

I find it difficult to paint plastic for some reason. My metal figures turn out much better, at least IMO.

I wanted to give them a 'pack' look with some variation in dress colours to denote a pack structure. Don't ask me in which order they are other than the one pointing is the leader. Not that they have a leader in Frostgrave as I think they come under monsters. 

I have now given them a banner (from the MiniFigs PB Persian cavalry figures) I hope I can find a suitable transfer to put on it. Possibly a wolf's head from Epic 40K? Or from Little Big Man Hoplite shield design?

Don't look too closely!

I have six packs of Frostgrave figures to paint, two to each pack, except for the hounds which has three.

That will keep me busy at least until Christmas and possibly beyond. That will see my lead pile at ZERO!

Saturday, 19 September 2020

Little Wars TV

For the first time ever I have become a patron of a Youtube channel. LWTV has been my choice. It could have been Guerrilla Miniature Games due to its Frostgrave videos, but felt LWTV was more my home for wargaming. Who knows? One day I might patron both.
Also, I have subscribed to Tom The Wargamer on Youtube. A young man, around 13 I think, who's enthusiasm for his hobby shines like a beacon. I hope he can convince his friends to keep playing.

Why not support these two by subscribing?

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Poems for Wargamers 9

Du Fu is one of the great poets of Chinese history.
Born into relative wealth, he ended up as a common man farming.
His life seems to be one of movement due to wars and civil strife

Song of the Wagons

The wagons rumble and roll,
The horses whinny and neigh,
The conscripts each have bows and arrows at their waists.
Their parents, wives and children run to see them off,
So much dust's stirred up, it hides the Xianyang bridge.
They pull clothes, stamp their feet and, weeping, bar the way,
The weeping voices rise straight up and strike the clouds.
A passer-by at the roadside asks a conscript why,
The conscript answers only that drafting happens often.
"At fifteen, many were sent north to guard the river,
Even at forty, they had to till fields in the west.
When we went away, the elders bound our heads,
Returning with heads white, we're sent back off to the frontier.
At the border posts, shed blood becomes a sea,
The martial emperor's dream of expansion has no end.
Have you not seen the two hundred districts east of the mountains,
Where thorns and brambles grow in countless villages and hamlets?
Although there are strong women to grasp the hoe and the plough,
They grow some crops, but there's no order in the fields.
What's more, we soldiers of Qin withstand the bitterest fighting,
We're always driven onwards just like dogs and chickens.
Although an elder can ask me this,
How can a soldier dare to complain?
Even in this winter time,
Soldiers from west of the pass keep moving.
The magistrate is eager for taxes,
But how can we afford to pay?
We know now having boys is bad,
While having girls is for the best;
Our girls can still be married to the neighbours,
Our sons are merely buried amid the grass.
Have you not seen on the border of Qinghai,
The ancient bleached bones no man's gathered in?
The new ghosts are angered by injustice, the old ghosts weep,
Moistening rain falls from dark heaven on the voices' screeching."

By Du Fu

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