Saturday, 1 January 2022

A New Year


And  a Happy New Year to all!

I trust you had a Happy Christmas and New Year celebrations, muted though they might have been.

Having recently retired I am having rather too much time for wargaming and its needs. I find I'm having to order figures to have something to paint, my pile of shame being none existent. Which, in a way, is no bad thing. For example, expecting The Silver Bayonet for a present at Christmas I therefore needed an Occultist/ Arcanist. I ordered some Galloping Major figures for my F&IW themed setting. So, the preacher is a nice model for that. And I also ordered a Shaman from Reaper Miniatures so I can have a Huron/Mohawk force.

Needless to say I also ordered a few more figures for the F&IW also! A little boost for those forces. The figures are not completely finished painting and the bases will need doing. I also have some 6 rangers and 6 Franches de la Marine to paint. One thing, I love using Brass coloured paint for the buttons, realistic or not. And this time I did the muskets metal parts in Brass as well. Speaking of paint, I knocked over one of the bottles of wash twice whilst doing the wash on the figures. Clumsy doesn't cover it. Luckily it onlt went on the table covering so no damage done.

I thought I'd paint a figure for the French, hence the white coat.

My preacher for The Silver Bayonet and F&IW

Today, I saw Grand Manner were doing a special offer on unpainted items and bagged myself a couple of North American tribal village wickup and wigwams.

Before Christmas I boxed some 6mm armies (Assyrian, Hoplite Greek and Hittites along with the To Ur is Human rules to my youngest brother. A bit of downsizing. I am thinking of giving him my 25mm armies but that's a tough decision after all these years.

I still have many armies for the ancients (6 in 6mm & 5 in 25mm), ECW (both sides in 6mm), Napoleonic (2, Austrian and Prussian, in 6mm and 7 bases of French cavalry with infantry to follow, hopefully), Renaissance (2 in 6mm though small in comparison), F&IW (28mm) along with Frostgrave (over 100 figures in 28mm) and Ronin (60 figures in 25mm). Literally, a cast of thousands!  Which is a lot of space to take up. And not including the ever growing scenery. Not to mention all the old and new rules and the various books on wargaming, uniforms and history.

Along with The Silver Bayonet on my very short list of hobby related items hoped for at Christmas  was the game 'Don't Look Back'. It's a horror themed game and looks great. It can be gamed solo or with others. And I bought myself Zombicide. That is quite a few figures to keep me busy.

One last note. I wondered how many posts I had made in 2021 so I counted and it turned out it is the same as the two previous years before it. I thought that very strange as I never tried to match or quantify how many posts I was making. I just posted as I thought fit.

Well, here is to a grand year for all and remember to retreat before your battalions/warbands are massacred. It's the only decent thing to do as a general.

Thursday, 23 December 2021

Frostgrave. A place of wonder

Hi! Salvo here.

We finally made it to Felstad. The walls were 30 foot in height so we had to walk far to find an entrance. And what an entrance!
It was blue. Covered in Lapis Lazuli with pictures of beasts inlaid into the brickwork. A thing of beauty.
And as we approached the frozen trees came alight!
Such a wonderful, magical scene!

The frozen trees glowed with a magical light

The ground around had not been disturbed as we entered and going through several sections with the towering walls we felt a sense of awe at the building of this wonderous place.

Sister Rosa led her apprentice Samira, Mimi and I towards an elaborate entrance which appeared to be a place of worship or a tomb. 
I asked 'Can you see anything?'

Sister Rosa said:-

Yes, wonderful things!

Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Salute 2021 buys


I thought I might share a few pictures of the goodies picked up at Salute this year.

These walls by Tablescape

These are to go with the BumBum Ishtar Gate. Not exactly Mesopotamian but the closest I could find that were actually available.' In the Grand Manner' have a nice set, ideal, but have not been available for a long time sadly.

Tablescape (tablescape)

Wall sections from Fenris Games

Fenris Games (fenrisgames)

The future Saga and Sara, Shieldmaiden Champions

I'm naming two of my female warriors for Frostgrave (see last game played) Saga and Sara. These two, as were the others, are from Bad Squiddo games. As time progresses they will become more experienced and will be upgraded from soldiers.

Bad Squiddo Games (badsquiddogames.)

Walls from Urban Construct

More walls for Frostgrave. I small set from Urban Construct. They should make a nice ruin.
Urban Construct Miniatures (urbanconstructminiatures)

This may be my last UK wargames show for a long while. I am planning on going to the States. 'I am just going out. I may be some time'

Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Frostgrave. The Map of Felstad

A departure from Sister Rosa and her adventurous band.

Here we have the Summoner, Rustam the Ruthless and his apprentice Ruba along with his band of two soldiers a thief and an archer.
You will notice the two Bad Squiddo female warriors, newly painted, and the female thief, Shamima, with staff and veil. Almost an all female warband.

Also, the Necromancer Silus the Black and his apprentice Malek along with his band of two soldiers, a crossbowman and a thief.

They are here to find a map, that purportedly shows the whole of Felstad. Especially the major wizards' abodes where the choicest magical treasure might be found thereby giving them an advantage over other roving bands.
The 'red herrings' scenics would be used for the treasure points, three in total. Each spawning a creature of the level one creature creation coming on at a board edge by dicing for location.

And what an epic encounter!
The initiative went to-and-fro mostly which saved some warband members at times and put some into trouble at others.
Spells were cast succeeded and failed giving frustration and relief, joy and sorrow.

Overhead picture of the layout

The following pictures are the starting viewpoints of the warbands




Malek, well hidden behind a house

Silas 'Raised Zombie' and Ruba countered with 'Summon Imp'

An overview after turn one

Malek moves ahead 

Rustam's thief reaches treasure and a ghoul wanders on near Malek's bowman who had climbed the stairs for better sight of the enemy. The ghoul climbed the stairs and ate a hearty lunch! But is killed by Rustam's crossbowman

Silus' soldier picks up treasure and two Zombies enter the field only for Malek to Control Undead and one kills the other.

Third treasure found and two skeletons march to the sound of clashing swords and spells.
Malek is fighting the Demon in the background and the raised zombie is still fighting the imp

Then Malek is assaulted by the skeleton and zombie too!

Silus is attacked by the skeleton adding to his troubles!

The Demon does for Silus, with the skeletons help, and also kills the skeleton. Shamima the thief,  with a treasure, is almost leaving the scene

All Silus' warband are out of action except this thief who almost made it to safety. The thief was stopped by an imp cast by Ruba, then was caught by a soldier and Ruba's demon. He killed the demon and severely wounded the soldier. Both soldiers were down to 1 health when he succumbed to his wounds.

A overwhelming victory for the Summoner warband

All Rustam's warband made it safely out of the skirmish. All three treasures were secured.
It turns out, all three were maps of Felstad. Rustam felt they would all turn out to be fakes. He wasn't wrong.

The Summoner succeeded in summoning a demon and an imp, as did Ruba.
Silus summoned a zombie and Malek controlled undead.

I haven't named all the soldiers yet but I'm thinking of doing it. I just have to find suitable names for all 5 wizards. Yes, I have an Elemental wizard. And I would like a Chinese wizard with suitable figures, from Scotia -Grendel I think.

This was a second attempt at this game.
The first saw a blood bath of a game
The Necromancer was the only figure of his band still standing.
The Summoner and two soldiers making it out of the battle zone. And the Summoner got all three treasures.
Plenty of spells were cast which enlivened the game.
The Necromancer was down to one health when he cast 'Drain Health' on the other remaining soldier in the village. Luckily it worked as the Zombie, a roaming creature which had attacked him, attacked again. This time losing and falling.
Talking of creatures. Each of the treasures spawned one creature. A zombie, skeleton and a snow leopard. Each came from a different table edge which was good.
I did forget some things along the way.
The Necromancer and apprentice cast Elemental Shield on themselves and I forgot to add when in combat the first times. I also forgot the +2 in multiple combat situations the first time also. And the disengage when winning the combat. This last wasn't as important as it seems but may have been with different circumstances.
I have some way to go before all the elements sink in.

Thursday, 28 October 2021

Walls for Frostgrave


I was looking at Kickstarter and saw a cavern set and thought I could do with some like that. Then it reminded me I should make a couple of walls for Frostgrave for the spell 'Wall'.

And, as you know, I want to make a colourful Frostgrave and not the monotone one that gamers usually use.

Now, The Terrain Tutor I most definitely am not (The Terrain Tutor). But...

I did two, 6'' X 2'' and thought, that doesn't look too bad! I think it's eye-popping! Not in the quality, but in the impression it gives. They are made with 3mm foam board, the wrong type with coatings on the sides. I got them not knowing which foam board people were on about more than a year ago. But, needs must...

So I made some more. And two with doors. Now I'm thinking of doing more for the below ground Frostgrave scenarios like 'Into the breeding pits' and 'Thaw of the Lich Lord'. Perhaps even others where walls are required. And I also think they will be good for games other than Frostgrave.

I would love to try my hand at some frescoes but I'm not that great an artist. I would think it would 'make' the scenery really special though. Especially if it was a sorcery type of fresco. I might try it after doing some more walls.

Also looking to do some columns for the none existent ceilings.

Cheap and cheerful to be sure, bit saved me £100 at least!

Thanks' for dropping by.

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Zombies on the loose!

This is a special news announcement.
Over to our local reporter in Milton Keynes.

Around 1pm yesterday, in a suburban area, Zombies escaped from a house in Milton Keynes.
These zombies were in an insecure area (a box on the back step airing after spraying) when a gust of wind liberated them from their flimsy confinement,
After a quick search 5 were rounded up and confined more securely.
After a further search in the grounds 3 more were captured and confined similarly.
There are two still on the loose with no sightings or mutilated corpses yet reported. 

The police have put out a public warning not to approach them as they are highly dangerous 'Kings of War' zombies. Further, they advise not to enter derelict properties and be careful in wooded or bushy areas where they can easily be hidden from view until the last moment, and surprise anyone passing by. These zombies are highly aggressive and will attack on sight. If seen report to the local police or your nearest zombie hunter.
A picture showing what the zombies will look like if encountered

But this raises the question of why zombies were in a suburban area at all. 
It is believed that Kings of War' zombies, bred for war, are currently being used to fight pillagers in Felstad, that frozen city thawing in the far north These, on the other hand, were being prepared to fight pillagers in Zombicide, in suburban settings.
When asked why the army are not called in to deal with this a police spokesperson said 'Have you never watched a police series or 'Dirty Harry'? From Dixon of Dock Green through The Sweeny,  Cagney and Lacey, or The Wire? We always get our man, woman, zombie'.
The householder is helping police with their ongoing enquires.

It must be said, there are a lot of pillagers currently throughout the UK, and indeed, throughout the world.
Since the dawn of roleplaying zombies have roamed many games and have been the cause of many deaths to those entering places where it is forbidden to enter. Now, they are being used to prevent pillagers and looters in open locations but at some risk to the world at large.

Your local reporter in Milton Keynes

Sunday, 17 October 2021

I shake my head


I want to air a few things with you and see if you agree or not.

The first thing is eBay policy of forcing you to use their payment method if you want to sell on there. I can understand they want to maximise their profits but if they drive people away is that the best option for them?  

Personally, I was happy using PayPal. I only buy occasionally on there now. I have not sold anything on there for almost two years and it's 8 months since I bought something. And I was a regular either buying or selling.

Also regarding eBay, but not about them. What lunacy is happening with the prices?

People wanting top dollar for very old style figures. Figures from the '70s, '80s & '90's. You want me to pay almost the equivalent of new figures when they cost 50 pence or a little more? It isn't going to happen!

Similarly with GW epic figures £30+ for a model that cost around £6? And 6mm armies, and not a great amount of figures either, and they are asking £70+. Yes, they are painted after a fashion but you are not being realistic in the least.  There's a bike. Get on it!

And again with board games. £100+ some rising to £380! for a board game? A new one will cost£ 75.

And it's not as if they are 'rare', 'oop' and similar. There are loads of them on sale. It's all a joke I'm sure. Because looking you see the same figures and games going unsold and are there week after week after month.

I shake my head and log off

So I'll keep my money for the new stuff thank you

Friday, 1 October 2021

Frostgrave. The Evil in the church

 Hi! Salvo here again.

As we got closer to our goal the air was becoming cooler, as if winter was coming. Yet it was the height of summer.

In the distance we saw a village and looked forward to a rest in a fine bed. With good food and ale. As we got closer we saw it looked a little ramshackle. Perhaps even deserted. Closer still we saw bushes and weeds in the main street.

We decided to camp outside as it was getting late. A good defensive position amongst some rocks. 

We settled down for the night.

But we were awakened by a spectre!

Sister Rosa assured it it wasn't malevolent. And explained the ghost had been disturbed by a great evil that had come to the village, trapping unwary travellers few though they had been for many years.

After hearing her pleas, Sister Rosa was determined to lay her to rest again. And defeat this unknown evil.

We woke none too early as we were not going anywhere other than the village. We began our search. me with the apprentice and Mimi with the boss. Mimi told me later that as we moved into the village he saw shapes moving in the distance. Probably not human.

On each side of the road, we moved from house to house. Searching.

The sister and Mimi find some Imps! Sister Rosa casts Banish!
The spell was good but the Imps laughed maniacally

Mimi steps in and smites the first Imp
He's attacked by the second and the ruin is cleared

The Apprentice and I step into the church. I wished we hadn't!
One demon and two imps. I had Goosebumps!

The Apprentice cast Push! And the Demon was pushed out of the church. I stepped forward to the closest Imp

I hurt it but not enough.
The second Imp set to with the Apprentice

The Demon, feeling the power of bigger fish went for the Sister. She cast Banish! It had no effect
 the first time. Mimi stepped forward  and into the fight. It dragged on with Mimi getting the worst of it

Meanwhile, I killed the Imp but it took a while. The Apprentice held out until she tried to cast Banish! Then she fell.

The Sister cast Banish! Sister Rosa, Demon Slayer!

And the Demon was gone!

Mimi came to my aid and we hurt that Imp between us. Then the Sister stepped in and finished it off with her staff.

After seeing to Apprentice Samira who was recovering, it was the exertion of casting while injured that floored her. Sister Rosa did a blessing to cleanse the church and laid the spirit to rest.
We rested overnight and for the next day so Apprentice Samira and Mimi could recover a little more. It was all peaceful.
At least we now know the Sister is casting good spells now. My faith is somewhat restored.

What a tense encounter.
Five times the Sister cast Banish! And each time the Imps and Demon saved, except for the last time.

The party all suffered damage.
Apprentice down to 0
Mimi down to one health
Salvo down to five 
The Sister down to 10 (mainly due to 2 points of health to boost a spell)

The encounters were generated under the wandering monster rule though only Imps were on the sheet for encounters. . The Demon in the church was scheduled should they reach it
1-6 generated 1 Imp
7-12 generated 2 Imps
13-20 generated 3 Imps
Two generations of 2 Imps. I was quite satisfied with that. It was just unlucky that 2 were in the church with the Demon

Thanks' for dropping by. I hope you enjoyed the encounter