Monday, 18 March 2019

Slowly clearing the library

I have now sold 3 books and 4 booklets in the library clear out.
The latest to go are these from Partizan Press.

Currently, I am painting the Heroics and Ros English Civil War figures. I am happy to let these booklets go to someone else who will appreciate the information they give. I have taken some information from them, names and uniform colours mainly.
What, then, am I going to do with the gains made? I have no idea as yet. When the library is depleted, or totally gone, I will decide. Perhaps some really decent French and Indian Wars buildings and terrain. Or Frostgrave. 
The other thing is the Cuban Independence Wars that has been in Miniature wargames recently. My wife, being Cuban is all for it!

Thank you for dropping by

Sunday, 10 March 2019

6mm ECW ready to paint.

Today I spent sometime prepping the ECW figures from Heroics and Ros (heroicsandros.).
Basically, a spray paint job undercoat.
I will check the bases I will use again before starting to paint. The Polish and Ottomans are DBR based so I want it to be compatible and not too different. Indecision is a terrible thing. Probably why my troops hesitate to move because they think I'll change my mind!
I'll should change my pseudonym to The Grand Old Duke of York!

As you can see, the weather in Milton Keynes isn't the snow-swept UK that is on the news today.

I will be taking a break at the end of May to attend a wedding in the US. If they let me in. I'm hoping New Hampshire is going to be warm and inviting.

Thanks for viewing.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

The city takes shape. 6mm Leven buildings for ancient wargames

At last i'm getting somewhere. Later than expected but creeping ever onward to the goal.
Here are the Leven Miniatures ( middle east buildings I got as a  Christmas present.  I think they look good enough. I will add to them at some future point. A small shrine at least for a village or two.

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Library clear-out

I've decided to slim down the library.
First to go will be books, some of which I have had a long time. Re-read and cherished I hope they will be appreciated as much as I have appreciated them.
They are classics of the wargame literature.
Books by Grant, Heath and Barker.
More books and rules will follow. Perhaps most.
These are the books I've just posted on eBay:-

I'm sure those who have been in the hobby for a while will know of these three books.
Wargame Tactics by Grant has been one of my favourite books. The battle of Behistun castle being a favourite read over the time. Even if the Sassanian's did lose.

A wargamers' guide to the Crusades never took off with me. I had a one time two small armies of 13th century English armies, Simon de Montfort and the Earl de Warrene. I had planned to paint a Saracen army but it never took off. Hence, probably the least read book on my shelf. The armies were sold to a wargame shop in Aylesbury along with a 15mm Macedonian Successor army. They were much better painted than my 25mm armies at the time, even if they were with Humbrol!

Alexanders the Greats' Campaigns was a boon when it came out. The campaign aspect is possibly too detailed for many nowadays. But plenty of good reference material for those wanting to know about ancient logistics and probable costings.

'Till next time

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

2019 painting challenge

I was wondering what my painting schedule for this year should look like.

Firstly, finish the Frostgrave soldiers, the old school Persians  (foot and cavalry -riders only, the horse have been done months ago), the Sumerian buildings and a few pieces of the 6mm Napoleonics artillery left over from previously. It doesn't sound much but I'll expect to close these off by the end of March. Really, hoping to finish by the end of February.

Next will be the 6mm Heroics and Ros English Civil War armies. There are a lot. I have to break them down into two armies. I'd partly done this before they were stored away. Whenever that was!
I will need to look again. The problem will be basing. I'm inclined to put each battalion/regiment of foot on the same base. But 80mm seems too large so I will look at 60mm basing.
DBA/DBR recommend 3 bases of 40mm wide which is rather a lot of space to take up on the table for a unit IMHO, where 2 bases of shot and 1 of pike would be the norm. Where as 40mm seems too small. I'll experiment.
Further to this, unit and army frontages were never so conforming as DBX makes out.
Incidentally, I will be having variable unit sizes, as happened in reality. I'm not sure if any rules cater for this but a factor can be subtracted when shooting or in melee should the need arise. Or added.
I will set a start and end date of March through to the end of September. Rather long, granted. Fortune or mishap could easily arise to alter this.

Having written the above, the next day I got then out to check!

As can be seen, quite a few to do.
There are a few irregular miniature figures here, but not many. Mostly they are the artillery train, crews and guns. I think they are more appealing models then H&R.
Arrayed with the pile are some bases I will try out.

This is the pile mostly sorted.
I have an abundance of cavalry but not as many pike and shot as I thought. I have 6 regiments divided previously with a pack or two of pike and shot to separate.
As can be seen, a nice artillery park. Nine canon of various sizes.

So having looked at what is to do I have tried a few base sizes already and come to my preferred size.
It will tend to be 80 x 40 mm.  The number of figures will be 45, 30 shot and 15 pike. Some units may contain less to give the visual appeal I am looking for
If I do some London Trained Bands I will base them on 3, 40 x 40 mm bases with the increase in figure count accordingly. Possibly.
All, of course, subject to change on whim!

The horse, I am not sure the base size I prefer yet.

A few figures are partially painted as I bought them from eBay years ago. A bit rough but I can smarten them up a bit.

I expect I will start with the horse. It seems my default position if I have them.

This will leave October through to the end of the year to paint the French and Indian Wars figures. Hopefully I will be ahead by then to give some extra time.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Post Christmas

It has been a quiet month. Some painting done, but quite a few unfinished.
I didn't ask for a lot of wargames items for Christmas and always give the option of not buying them if they prefer to get something else. A very important point to make around present giving.
My sons, though, prefer lists to thinking!
I did receive a couple of wargames items which I wanted

The Wargames Annual is now a must. I began collecting them a couple of years ago and have purchased some back issues. They can be purchased from Caliver Books (caliver books). Probably one of the best places to buy books on all manner of military subjects. Bookmark it!

Then there was also some buildings

Listed as Sumerian on Leven Miniatres (.leven miniatures).
I hope to get these 5mm buildings done before March. An easy target!
I just wish someone would manufacture city walls and towers in 6mm for the earlier ancients period.
They have Hadrian's wall and generic types but I would like the more easily identified Assyrian crenellations.
Please someone!

Having put Frostgrave on the back burner I am now painting some figures I had bought for me earlier.

First up was a sigilist and apprentice. Still as a work in progress I am waiting to do all the Frostgrave figures I have before working on the bases. An elementist, her apprentice and 20 soldiers are being worked on. Not without problems as the undercoat seems 'bitty' or powdery. They aren't painting up well. They are the first plastic figures I have done since the Airfix figures in the '60's!
You may notice the badly painted Cuban flag Yellow and green have significance in the Santeria religion. Not that I'm a believer in that.

This next band of misfits will be for Frostgrave. A sorry bunch by the look of them!

I can't remember where, or why!, I got these. But they will fight as well as the next man! I particularly like the burkha dressed fighter with the staff.

I deliberately avoided asking for figures. I need to finish a bag full of 6mm Heroics and Ros English Civil War figures before even thinking about new figures. There are enough for 2 armies.  And then there are the French and Indian Wars English and French to do also.

Hopefully, I will be setting the table up for some ancients action this coming week. The dice will decide which armies get to parade their martial skills. Or lack of them.

Best wishes to everyone for the new year ahead.

Monday, 12 November 2018

Knights of Rivendell

Before I went on holiday I almost completed the painting of the Knights of Rivendell figures my son gave as a present some time ago. I'm not completely sure why he chose this present as we never played Warhammer. We had played Titan Legion's and Spacemarine, epic being a great game. We also played Space Crusade. But no Warhammer. I guess that is partly why it was somewhat down the painting order.
Thinking about painting them I looked on the web for suitable inspiration. It was a lot of the usual colours, like on the box, but there were some great exceptions.
I thought about it and as autumn was coming I thought some orange-brown combination might look nice.
The horses I decided to try my hand at painting as pintos. I had never tried to paint pinto before so it was interesting to see the outcome.
The flesh colour of the elves was difficult. I wanted them not to look too human so did a very pale colour. Actually, screaming skull.
The armour, metal parts and weapons I painted using a few washes of bieltan wash and waywatcher green glaze. Again, I didn't want them to seem too human in their colours. Is it jade? Mithril silver seems too human.
The cloaks and clothing are a mix of yellow ink and casandora yellow. Again, several layers
I'm fairly pleased with the overall look of the figures as they stand. I will no doubt work a little more on the flesh and horses.  Also, I will work on the bases when I order some suitable autumnal flock for the base to set it off.
But to all intent and purposes they are done.

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