Sunday, 18 August 2019

Brtain's Toy Soldiers and What a Tanker!

I visited the auction house of W&H Peacock in Bedford last Friday (9th August). I hadn't been for a couple of years after it moved out of Bedford itself to a new build just off the A421. Living in Milton Keynes it just didn't seem to be worth it just to visit the auction house. I used to like walking round the centre afterwards and do a little shopping, before both the relocation and Bedford councils rapacious parking department took away most of the free parking areas.
Having a stroll round the auction house, as you do, I came across this display of Britain's in a display case.

Some nice pieces even though I don't collect them my self. I especially like the elephants and the Indian soldiers. Lovely.
Also, there was a display of antique firearms. These look just right for the north west frontier!

Whilst there I came across a box of tanks and other vehicles. New. Unopened. And my thoughts turned to 'What a Tanker'. But I'm not a WW2 sort of guy! But, boy, did I want them! After taking down the lot number the rush of blood to the head subsided. A little rationality sank back in. Better, if I was going to do WaT would be to do it in 6mm for which I have more buildings and scenery. I'm sure it's quite possible and very few tanks would be required so minimal cost. Few! A couple of hundred pounds saved. For now.

I didn't see anything else worth bidding on that day

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

6 mm ECW

My painting of the Heroics & Ros English Civil Wars figures got off to a good start. It continued with some moments (days!) of respite.
I now have:-
10 elements of foot, only 6 shown here, with flags to be added. I say element but each is equal to 4 normal 40 x 20 mm elements.
As you can see, I have based each battalia on one base of 80 x 40 mm. I like the look of it.
Originally, as I had done previously with my first ECW army, I was going to have different sized units. But practicality took over and I am pleased with the overall look of the units,

9 elements of dragoons on foot

12 elements of dragoons on horse

14 elements of horse

I have about 4 more units of foot to add but only after purchasing some more shot figures to make up the units. With a few more foot regiments I will have two small ECW armies. I have another batch of figures which will give me another regiment of horse (2 elements).
I seem to have an abundance of dragoons. Much too many I think, with more to paint. I will base the additional dragoons as commanded shot
Even so, it is a force larger than either of the other two renaissance armies I currently have.

I am pleased it went so well.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Journals, Towers and Painting

Things have been going slowly on the wargames front recently. I thought I'd share a couple of things with you though.
Firstly, I bought the Wargamers' Journal Summer Special 2014. These journals, available from Caliver Books (caliverbooks), are great reading. It usually has more things of interest for me than most of the magazines on sale monthly. I have almost the complete set of these journals. I buy them to replace the monthly magazines when they have insufficient to interest me in to buying them.

The second is the Desert Guard Tower from SteepledHat Studio on eBay
Such a great model.

I used to work with an artist, Paul Robinson of Leighton Buzzard, who gave me this fantastic painting he did for a book cover.  Book unknown unfortunately. He didn't keep adequate records.

A truly great gift.

Hopefully, I'll be back finishing off the ECW,6 mm figures and get onto the French & Indian Wars figures before the end of August.

Thank you for dropping by.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Portsmouth, New Hampshire 2

In Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a game store, Diversions, puzzles and Games.
As you can see from the pictures it has boxed games a plenty and tables to play, or test, games on. Not shown, unfortunately, is the main shop area where games can be bought. But if you look at the 2nd and 3rd pictures, at the far end you will see the steps to the main shop area.
There were some Dr Who figures amongst others but, sadly, not the type of wargame figures which I was looking for. I was also hoping to find something to use as scenery in any of my games. Not quite what I had hoped but if you are in the area it may be a stop worth checking out.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Romans vs Ancient British 6mm AAR/Battle report

A short battle report with our current favourites Romans, led by Legatus Lucius Valerius Flaccus
The Romans are well known for getting their revenge. After the attack on the convoy a retaliatory response was necessary. You can't let the natives get too boisterous.

The force was assembled:-
2 x Cohorts of Legionaries (each cohort of 2 elements)
2 x Auxiliary cohorts (each of 2 elements)
1 x Equites Alares (2 elements)
1 x Psiloi (2 elements)

Its aim:-
To drive the tribe from the hill fort and destroy as many enemy as it encounters.

The tribe was not in a state of readiness.
The chieftain, Brennus
It boasted:-
12 x Foot warriors
3 x Naked fanatics
3 x Psiloi

These were split between the town on the hill protected by earthworks. (Actually, ECW earthworks as a stand in!)
Two small villages.
And a force sent for from another town.

Who was successful?

As usual, dice were used to determine some outcomes for placement of troops and whether/where they appeared.

The Romans

The Ancient British in the hill fort

The Roans advanced towards the town, wary of the woods on either side.

The British muster in the town.
The plan is to defend it using the earthworks to fend off the attack.

The Romans advance then split to attack the nearest village.

The warriors in the town go impetuous and stream out of the town!

First blows are struck

Implacable Romans advance.

British split as the ardour of some warriors for battle subsides.

The Romans come to blows with the villagers. A gallant but foolish stand by some fanatics. The psiloi seeing more sense flee.

The Romans address their lines as one part of the British is still impetuous. 

The psiloi make a mark on the warriors but they keep coming. The warriors attack and the psiloi flee.

The Legionaries advance and show the warriors their skill with the blade.

Short sharp shock for the British.

The ardour for battle is gone from the remaining warriors.

An easier victory for Rome than imagined

Initially, I had another 5 cohorts down to attack the town. The five would be in reserve to help if required. Points wise, this would put the Romans at double the British total so not a fair fight.
Fanatics, warriors and psiloi from the village behind the hill didn't materialise. Neither did the 2 elements of foot warriors form 'another town' close by. Were they paid off by the Romans?  Treachery? The dice will decide if a feud is starting between these tribes.

But today Roman control is restored and treasure and slaves captured.
It's a night on the oppidum with vinum et mulieres et canticum

Revenge is sweet so they say.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

New Hampshire, USA

Returned yesterday from my trip to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA.
I was pleasantly surprised by the small town nature of Portsmouth. I expected a larger conurbation, it being on 'old town' historically. I'm wondering what made Boston the 'big city' in the area as opposed to the state. A better harbour maybe?
Any way, I was there to celebrate a wedding which went well, lots of sunshine during the outdoor wedding ceremony. Then at the out door reception it turned so cold you felt you would freeze to death! Such is the vagaries of living on the Atlantic coast.

But I came across this house in my ramblings in the town. A 1725 house just right for French and Indian Wars gaming. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

At last

At last!
I have been waiting to acquire a set of Muskets and Tomahawks rule set for sometime. Nobody seemed to want to sell their copies even though it seemed they were not using them.
First one set appeared on eBay and it set of a trend for selling the rules. I managed to snag a copy.
Now I have 3 sets of rules for the French and Indian Wars!

Soon I can start painting the British and French regulars I had bought for me. Also, I have a sprue of the  AWI (American War of Independence) militia that was attached to the cover of Wargames Illustrated.

Friday, 19 April 2019

Salute 2019 part 2 and ECW catch-up

I bought a few things at Salute. More impulse buys than planned. Although I knew some of the traders attending through looking at the website it was unknown traders, unknown to me, that had my interest.

First in the lucky bag at the door:-

Two fantasy figures and a Salute die. OK. One or two people may have slightly different items but nothing to complain about or set my world on fire.

My purchases:-

Oriental bridge for Ronin

A Tori gate that may not be suitable for Ronin.

Following on:-
A colourful ruin for Frostgrave

My Frostgrave is going to be a riot of colour if I can find the pices. Far too much grey around in most Frostgrave games don't you think?

Lastly, a two sided 4' x 4' mat. One side snow which, I hope, I can use for Frostgrave and the winter French and Indian Wars

The other side 'old grass'.

A couple of close ups.

 This is how the Napoleonic Austrians look on the mat:-

And the ECW cavalry and dragoons from both sides. The bases still need finishing as do the guidons/standards.

The dragoon elements. More foot required

Parliamentary horse

Royalist horse

Another shot of the Parliamentary horse

It feels like I fairly batted along with the cavalry/dragoon painting. There are plenty of foot still to do but, added together it is a much bigger army than either of the Polish or Turkish forces.  Now to breakdown the figures into units before painting.

That about sums it up.
My favourite has to be the ruin for Frostgrave and second the mat.

I hope to game the Romans v Ancient British before the Easter break is over. There must be recompense for attacking Roman soldiers in pursuance of their lawful duties!

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