Monday, 12 November 2018

Knights of Rivendell

Before I went on holiday I almost completed the painting of the Knights of Rivendell figures my son gave as a present some time ago. I'm not completely sure why he chose this present as we never played Warhammer. We had played Titan Legion's and Spacemarine, epic being a great game. We also played Space Crusade. But no Warhammer. I guess that is partly why it was somewhat down the painting order.
Thinking about painting them I looked on the web for suitable inspiration. It was a lot of the usual colours, like on the box, but there were some great exceptions.
I thought about it and as autumn was coming I thought some orange-brown combination might look nice.
The horses I decided to try my hand at painting as pintos. I had never tried to paint pinto before so it was interesting to see the outcome.
The flesh colour of the elves was difficult. I wanted them not to look too human so did a very pale colour. Actually, screaming skull.
The armour, metal parts and weapons I painted using a few washes of bieltan wash and waywatcher green glaze. Again, I didn't want them to seem too human in their colours. Is it jade? Mithril silver seems too human.
The cloaks and clothing are a mix of yellow ink and casandora yellow. Again, several layers
I'm fairly pleased with the overall look of the figures as they stand. I will no doubt work a little more on the flesh and horses.  Also, I will work on the bases when I order some suitable autumnal flock for the base to set it off.
But to all intent and purposes they are done.


  1. Nice figs and original color scheme! Are they GW ?

  2. Phil, Yes, GW. But apologetically so. They do some lovely figures. But I'm not collecting them.
    Remember, they aren't human. That was the point I was trying to make.


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