Saturday, 26 January 2019

Library clear-out

I've decided to slim down the library.
First to go will be books, some of which I have had a long time. Re-read and cherished I hope they will be appreciated as much as I have appreciated them.
They are classics of the wargame literature.
Books by Grant, Heath and Barker.
More books and rules will follow. Perhaps most.
These are the books I've just posted on eBay:-

I'm sure those who have been in the hobby for a while will know of these three books.
Wargame Tactics by Grant has been one of my favourite books. The battle of Behistun castle being a favourite read over the time. Even if the Sassanian's did lose.

A wargamers' guide to the Crusades never took off with me. I had a one time two small armies of 13th century English armies, Simon de Montfort and the Earl de Warrene. I had planned to paint a Saracen army but it never took off. Hence, probably the least read book on my shelf. The armies were sold to a wargame shop in Aylesbury along with a 15mm Macedonian Successor army. They were much better painted than my 25mm armies at the time, even if they were with Humbrol!

Alexanders the Greats' Campaigns was a boon when it came out. The campaign aspect is possibly too detailed for many nowadays. But plenty of good reference material for those wanting to know about ancient logistics and probable costings.

'Till next time


  1. Good luck with the sales Peter!

    1. Thank you Lee. The sale is just to pass on something useful to whoever would like these great books.


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