Tuesday, 13 March 2018

6mm Napoleonics, and 6mm Romans and British

The first figure are now done. It had to be the Prussian Hussars.

Still to do the standard but at least playable. I am making inroads into all the figures, Not concentrating on any in particular. The horse artillery are close to completion but I'm not sure how I will base them. It could be unlimbered or I will have to have both limbered and unlimbered. I have extra crews and guns for the Prussians but not for the Austrians.

As I stated before, I have completed the Ancient British figures. Luckily there weren't many, just one pack of H&R ancient British.
The figures .

This was enough to complete another tribal grouping which included slingers.
The total of the British is now 17 warband bases 5 cavalry, 3 chariots. and 6 bases of slings

Their likely opponents are Legio XV1 Flavia Firma. Imperial Romans. A long way from home and currently devoid of cavalry and auxiliaries. They do, though, have the carts and mule supply train. Which can also be used by any other army of course. And some artillery.

 I have based them as two bases per cohort each with 16 figures. There are 3 bases of Irregular Miniatures figures which have 24 figures in very close order which I am using as the first cohort. It maybe a little over strength against the British but we can alter the numbers to even it up. There are also some artillery pieces which appeared out of nowhere!

Yes. The Romans were a surprise!

Why the XVI Flavia Firma? They were based in Syria and good opponents for the Sassanids. The Later Romans are also the same legion. At least in my mind!

Let's see if we can get a game in soon.


  1. Impresive and beautiful units Peter, mass effect will be stunning in your future battles!

    1. I'm really looking forward to using them soon. Thank you for encouragement.


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