Sunday, 10 March 2019

6mm ECW ready to paint.

Today I spent sometime prepping the ECW figures from Heroics and Ros (heroicsandros.).
Basically, a spray paint job undercoat.
I will check the bases I will use again before starting to paint. The Polish and Ottomans are DBR based so I want it to be compatible and not too different. Indecision is a terrible thing. Probably why my troops hesitate to move because they think I'll change my mind!
I'll should change my pseudonym to The Grand Old Duke of York!

As you can see, the weather in Milton Keynes isn't the snow-swept UK that is on the news today.

I will be taking a break at the end of May to attend a wedding in the US. If they let me in. I'm hoping New Hampshire is going to be warm and inviting.

Thanks for viewing.

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